Bod Pod

The Sculpt Pod Pro is the perfect non-surgical solution for unwanted fat, loose/aging skin, and cellulite.


Our Sculpt Pod Pro uses the highest form of Infrared heat, light, massage and vibration to slim, tone and tighten your body. 

Our Sculpt Pod Pro delivers a patented 3-step process using heat combined with infrared light to stimulate a natural process for breaking down and releasing stored fat inside the cells.

When you enter the Sculpt Pod Pro, you’ll experience a whole body vibration massage which breaks down cellulite fat while stimulating your body to naturally drain its fat cells.

Infrared has added benefits to wellness. Clients experience pain relief and cellulite reduction accompanied by weight loss, detoxification and rejuvenation of the skin as well as relaxation and more!

Our treatments are a holistic approach to calorie burning, detoxifying the body, and pain relief. You can burn up to 750 calories in 30 minutes! Every session treats your whole body, holistically.

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